Summer launch

There it is: summer 2018 newness from mama brands

Summer launch
Over the two summer months a lot has happened. We launched a few new collections and products. And this is a whole range of cool colors, effects and scents.

Let’s dive into it.
1. ONIQ Installation - collection of cuticle perfumes.
The collection contains five flavors: gourmet, floral, flower-fruit and eastern.

2. ONIQ Renovation - a line of tools for a pedicure.
It includes products for cleansing and softening the skin, peeling and care.

3. ONIQ Intense Gel Formula - professional nail colors with gel effect.
It's all about the top –– you put it on top of the lacquer, it gives shine and prolongs its durability up to seven days.

4. LIANAIL Unicorn - a fairy tale collection with a translucent color base and sparkles of various shapes and sizes.
The collection has six gel polishes. Each one is perfect for cute and playful designs in Unicorn-style.

5. LIANAIL Space Girls - a collection with a prism effect.
These are six brilliant gel polishes that are fully revealed in the bright rays of the sun.

6. BEAUTY-FREE YOGURT - delicate pastel shades with small multi colored confetti.
In the palette wa have eight shades.

7. BEAUTY-FREE NATUREL - a collection of camouflage basecoats.
Six beautiful shades. They can be used independently or as a basis for a french manicure.

8. BEAUTY-FREE BASE & TOP - a product that combines the functions of the base cover and top.
We saved all the properties, but at the same time combined the base and top in one bottle.

9. BEAUTY-FREE NEON - a collection of neon gel polishes.
The collection of six bold neons that are perfectly applied without base color.

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