Group of Companies

mama brands develops and manufactures products for beauty, health and active longevity industries. We are creating brands for different audiences from scratch. Each brand has its own team and positioning. Because it all starts with the consumer, his needs and preferences.


Mama brands’ mission is to grow and develop every minute. To strive to improve the level and quality of life, to take care of the defenseless inhabitants of our planet in a comfortable and sincere atmosphere.



We create a market and set trends. Go ahead, not paying attention to the rest. Every day we learn and do what others question. We create brands and are not going to stop there.


We very carefully select people in our team. We strive to create a real team and perceive each other as members of one large family. At work, we are a team where everyone helps another.


We strive to make the workspace comfortable. The offices of the company is spacious, cozy and stylish. Workplaces are provided with all necessary, recreation areas are equipped. Ideal for work, creativity and self-expression.

About our team

Each brand has its own team. In this we see the key to success and quality development. Each team consists of professionals. They are passionate about their work and set ambitious goals.

Usually, there are several projects at once, and the task and project management system helps us to be on time - we use Bitrix24.

To achieve more, employees are regularly trained. Usually we study at the Higher School of Branding, the British Higher School of Design, the School of Business "Synergy", "Netology". We attend seminars, conferences and exhibitions. We regularly look into the corporate library - today there are over 400 books.

About corporate culture

In addition to projects and tasks, there are other things that we do together. For example, on the last Friday of the month we hold a corporate day - we solve secret messages, carry out tasks and see what the opposing team has prepared. We also congratulate each other on their birthday and celebrate the achievements of the colleagues.

At work, we are a team where everyone helps another.